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In this episode, our panel discusses the question, “What Does the Future of TA Look Like Across the Four Fields?”.

Our guests were: Deborah Robinson TSTA(O), Karen Minikin TSTA(P), Nicole Lenner PTSTA(C), and Paul Robinson PTSTA(E).

The discussion took place at the Annual UK Association for Transactional Analysis (UKATA) Conference and was recorded in front of a live audience of attendees (a first for us!). The theme of the conference was: Transactional Analysis! One theory applied in four fields.

Transactional Analysis, or TA, is a psychosocial model that covers much of the human experience. Though it was initially only applied only in Psychotherapy, TA now has four fields; these are Counselling, Educational, Organisational and Psychotherapy.

Our panelists’ contact details can be found below:

Deborah Robinson TSTA(O): 

Karen Minikin TSTA(P): 07712 896904

Nicole Lenner PTSTA(C):

Paul Robinson PTSTA(E): 


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The European Association for Transactional Analysis (EATA) has 44 member associations with more than 7550 members in 29 European countries. Its purpose is to promote knowledge and research on Transactional Analysis, to develop its theory, to ensure agreed standards of practice, and to promote cooperation in Europe in the field of Transactional Analysis.